Virgin Media Contact Number

Virgin Media Contact Number

In July 2006 Virgin Media became the first company to provide all the ‘Fantastic Four’ services of landline telephone services, mobiles, television and broadband, or quadruple-play as it is also known. Formed initially from a merger between NTL and Telewest, the new company then joined with Virgin Mobile to produce the whole package. Any enquiries for these companies should now be targeted at the Virgin Media contact number.

Broadband Services

Virgin-media-contact-numberVirgin Media offers three levels of broadband speeds at different price brackets according to your expected requirements. Entry level is 50Mb, suitable for small households, which enables regular browsing, internet shopping and downloads an 1800Mb movie in less than 5.5 minutes, or a 350Mb TV show in fractionally over 1 minute. The next step up is 100Mb which is suitable for families with several users on-line at the same time. The fastest option is 152Mb which enables a whole range of fixed and mobile devices to connect to one home network. For advice on which would suit you call the Virgin Media Phone number.


Virgin TV provides up to 230(+) channels, including Sky and pay per view channels. It comes with Virgins unique TiVo system with all the facilities to pause live TV, record multiple channels and explore the viewing formats available. For a full range of functions contact the Virgin Media telephone number. There is no requirement for a satellite dish as everything is supplied by cable, you can find out if your area is covered by using the Virgin Media contact number.


All talk plans include calls to Virgin mobile numbers, 0870 prefixes and landlines with various other options dependant on your needs. For detailed plans call the Virgin Media Phone number.


There are options for everyone that include monthly tariffs, pay as you go, sim only and mobile broadband via a dongle. Each of these packages has different options so it is best to talk dial the Virgin Media telephone number for further details.


One of the main advantages with Virgin is that you can bundle your different services and getter cheaper rates by combining what you need.


Will I need to have a telephone landline to get broadband?

No, although Virgin can supply your phone line you do not need one in the Virgin network area. Find out if you are by calling the Virgin Media Phone number.

How can I track my mobile phone account?

You can find your current balance online, along with the last 60 calls or 2 week period, whichever is shorter. Alternatively, you can dial 789 on your mobile and get all the details of your last call.

How do I upgrade my phone?

If you are on a pay monthly contract then simply call the Virgin Media contact number when you reach the end of your contract for a new deal and upgrade. For pay as you go customers, you receive a credit of £10 towards your next phone with every £100 spent on calls and texts.

Virgin Media Phone Number

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